Onsite (in-person) payments are not accepted. 

All registrations must be completed online by May 29

Poster and SOP Presentation Details

Poster Specifications

Poster Boards

The inside perimeter of each poster board is 91” (wide) by 44.75” (high).

Effective posters are concise, use a font size that can be read from several feet away, and use graphics to display data. Posters that are text-only tend not to communicate as well as those combining graphics and text.

Posters should contain the common elements of a research poster: Introduction/Background, Research Question(s), Participants, Methods, Results/Conclusions or Implications.

Each poster must include a disclosure. See below for specifications. 

Pins will be available to adhere your poster to the poster board.

Literature holders for 8.5” X 11” handouts (optional) are available upon request. If you require a literature holder, please contact Karen Andriacchi at by May 25.

How long do I present? You'll need to stay "at your poster" for the full 90 minutes of the poster session. Unfortunately, unlike SRCLD 2020,  you can't be in pajamas and slippers!

Submitted Oral Presentations

How it works:

There will be three (30-minute) presentations within each of the SOP sessions. You will have 20 minutes to present and 10 minutes for question and answer. There will be a timekeeper assigned to the session to remind you to wrap up and begin Q&A.  

We ask that only one author present. However, please be sure to inform any co-authors you may have of the date and time of your talk.

Please include a disclosure in your presentation. See below for specifications.

It is important that, sometime before you present, you touch base with the AV technician at the conference venue to ensure your presentation will run smoothly. Karen Andriacchi (conference coordinator) can call a tech for you at any time during the symposium.

Disclosures are a requirement for all presentations

Disclosures are for transparency:

Each poster and SOP presentation must include a disclosure statement regarding Conflict of Interest (COI). The statement is required to notify participants of authors’ financial or non-financial relationship to the presentation contents. Somewhere on your poster, please list each author name and include, e.g., either A) Author #2, Sally Smith: No conflict of interest, or, B) disclose any relevant financial or non-financial relationship, e.g., Author #2, Sally Smith: Author for ABC SLP Publishers and receives royalty payments.

Conference Etiquette

  • SRCLD requires that participants be considerate and respectful, communicate professionally, and make efforts to be open and inclusive in discussion with presenters and fellow attendees.
  • Attendees will refrain from recording  or photographing presenters or their presentation materials.
  • Posts, tweets, and messages must not be disparaging in nature. If you wouldn't want to see it written about you, don't write it at all.