The 2021 Conference

Some Conference Details

Pre-Recorded Video Summary

Your short (3-5 minute) video summary is due for upload by May 20, 2021:

The poster summary videos will be available for viewing prior to the virtual conference on June 3-4.

Only one author should present in this pre-recorded video.

Please click HERE for instructions on uploading your video to the designated YouTube space.

For information about YouTube's recommended video formats please visit

Poster Specifications

Poster Format for Virtual Presentation:

The poster format is flexible but should contain the common elements of a physical poster: Introduction/Background, Research Question(s), Participants, Methods, Results/Conclusions or Implications

Display Example: Entire poster on a PowerPoint slide; subsequent slides highlight each section of the poster making it more visible to the attendee.

Display Example: Single PowerPoint slide; zoom in to area of current focus.

Poster Presenting

We're Zoomin':

We'll be creating a poster session Zoom room with a  breakout Zoom room for each poster presenter. Attendees will join your Zoom room to talk with you.

Your Zoom room number will correspond with your poster number, e.g., poster number PS1-27 will be in Zoom breakout room 27 for poster session one on Thursday.  

How long do I present? Just like the good old days, you'll need to stay "at your poster" in your Zoom room for the full 90 minutes of the poster session. On the bright side, you can be in pajama pants and slippers!

For more detailed and more visual information on using breakout rooms in Zoom, click "HERE".

Conference Etiquette

  • SRCLD requires that participants be considerate and respectful, communicate professionally, and make efforts to be open and inclusive in discussion with presenters and fellow attendees.
  • Attendees will refrain from recording or screen capturing/photographing presenters or their presentation materials.
  • Posts, tweets, and messages must not be disparaging in nature. If you wouldn't want to see it written about you, don't write it at all.  
  • Please mute yourself upon entry into presentation rooms. Unmute yourself only when you wish to speak.